"Today, we remain a family business, as the fourth generation guides our future in creating new classics and a distinctly American design heritage. We are now setting the stage for the upcoming fifth Generation!"

Founded by Family. Rooted in Heritage.

Heritage, is the cornerstone of our five generation family-owned company dating back to 1897. The original factory located in Onda (Castellón, Spain) is where our artisan tile-making began. In order to help preserve our heritage we have held ownership of the original building, El Siglo. The original signage decorates the exterior as a reminder of our beginnings. For us, it also serves as a proud symbol of the dedication our ancestors possessed crafting artisan tile with simple tools and equipment.

Five Generations.The Legacy of Our Heritage Continues

As the years past, we continued to solidify our footprint in the tile industry within the European market as a luxury artisan tile maker. The demand of the North American market was calling for ADEX tile. Backed by our parent company ADEX, S.L. and inspired by the love of tile ADEX USA was born to further expand the legacy. In 1996, we opened our company headquarters and East Coast distribution facility in Miami, Florida. Shortly thereafter, we opened our West Coast distribution facility in Fullerton, California to broaden our reach coast-to-coast. In the fall of 2017, we continued our expansion into the Northeast to New Jersey completing our 3rd Distribution Center.

Dedicated to Tile

Year after year, we continue to expand our tile collections to meet the needs of consumers and tile designers in North America. Our focus is to speak to both fashion and function with multiple product types, styles, finishes, and colors. The Collection of our products work in unison or stand alone to bring dimension, unity and drama to living and work environments.

Personal Attention to Service

A core belief is that our product can only be as good as the service we provide to our customers. This belief is encompassed by our astute ability to take on major installations, yet be nimble enough to care about smaller projects with the same personal attention and detail.

Tiles By Salvador Dali

In the 1950s, ADEX began exporting an exclusive collection of tiles designed by Spanish artist Salvador Dali. The hand painted tiles clearly show the style, flavor and brilliant colors that Salvador brought to his artwork.

Factory Tour