Collections Color Palette

NERI  |  Solid Glaze

Contemplate the joys of virtually unlimited design possibilities. The Solid Glaze / Neri Collection will inspire you with our four classic neutrals: White, Bone, Sierra Sand, and Silver Mist, in addition to a dramatic Black. Each can be used alone or in endless combinations. You can combine this exquisitely versatile backdrop with virtually any color or texture to complement or contrast. The variety of sizes, shapes, hand-painted, and embossed tiles will provide that personal touch we all desire.

STUDIO  |  Translucent Glaze

Combine the master potter’s craft of the handmade surface with a defined, sophisticated edge. The innovative Translucent Glaze / Studio Collection offers depth and character for understated movement and variation. The ensemble includes highly embossed decos, artfully painted surfaces, and three-dimensional trims – all in a deeply satisfying color palette. You can personalize bathrooms, backsplashes, accent walls, and more for a lasting impression.

RIVIERA  |  Multi – Tone Glaze

Create an artful impact with the modern multi-tone glaze effect evoked by the Riviera Collection. Fresh, stunning colors characterized by tone-on-tone color variation provide an updated, elegant aesthetic for any wall tile application.

HABITAT  |  Multi – Tone Glaze

Beautiful surroundings can evoke feelings of comfort, joy and peace. Invite these sentiments to any interior space with the Habitat Collection. Deep glossy glazes and soft matte finishes are available in an elegant tone-on-tone color palette. A full complement of field tile sizes, trim and moldings are available to suit traditional, transitional and contemporary designs.

EARTH  |  Matte Crackle

The Matte Crackle / Earth Collection is a unique combination of a sophisticated yet rustic tile, a semimatte crackled glaze and an updated color palette. The hand-molded surface and the options of a smooth, textured or raised pattern surface add to its uniqueness and appeal. Beautiful 6”x6” dimensional inserts and the finishing touches from crown moldings to baseboards allows each installation to be detailed and tailored to fit the most impeccable taste. Design options abound and you will be thrilled with its aesthetic and functional contribution to bathrooms, showers, kitchens and more. The style, components and soothing color palette makes this a choice for Contemporary, Rustic and Traditional styling.

OCEAN  |  Micro Crackle

When looking into the ocean on a calm day, you feel a sense of serenity and a depth of vision. Relaxation, reflection, and visual stimulation are inherent to the Micro Crackle / Ocean Collection. When the surface effects of a typical crackled glaze combine with the unique micro-crackle effect, its reflective, yet dimensional surface makes the tile not only unique, but transitional in design from classic to contemporary. The decorative components and finishing pieces of the Micro Crackle / Ocean Collection color palette make it the choice of designers and homeowners globally. Enjoy your day at the beach every time you enter the room.

HAMPTON  |  Classic Crackle

The magic in the finely crafted Classic Crackle / Hampton Collection tiles begins with the crackle-glazed surface, which appears aged to perfection. The crackle effect gives each tile a delicate character and an individual mystique. With the Classic Crackle / Hampton Collection’s versatility, you can tell a story in wide range of decors, from traditional to transitional to minimalist.

DIAMONDS  |  Solid Glaze

Set your imagination free. The Dimensional Field / Diamonds Collection offers you endless options thanks to its multitalented neutrals: White, Bone and Chrome. Create a striking effect in any room with these well-dressed diamond-shaped tiles and coordinating color dots. They can make a subtle statement or say “Wow!” – depending on your preference.

PENNY ROUNDS  |  Glossy Porcelain

Enhance your design with the ADEX Penny Rounds Collection. This soothing color palette of glossy porcelain tile is a timeless complement for any wall tile application. The soft colors with subtle color variation offer many design possibilities. They are an ideal pairing with ceramic wall tile, porcelain wall tile and natural stone. Penny rounds are a true classic that provide just the right pop in traditional, traditional and modern design applications.

FLOOR  |  Semi-Matte Finish

Walk this way. Our gorgeous porcelain floor tiles and mosaics offer you a world of choices. Choose from hexagon shapes in Solid White, Bone, or Black, then finish with dots in six coordinating and contrasting shades. Add tranquility with our porcelain mosaic tiles in Pinwheel White, Bone, or White and Black, plus hexagon shapes in Bone or White. The finish is semi-matte—pleasing to the touch!