The IDEAbook is a design tool to help hone your thought process in cultivating your design vision. Inspiration for tile design is the sole purpose of the IDEAbook, offering you visual and informational resources to open your mind for creating your own expression. The IDEAbook contains fresh design concepts for bathrooms, kitchens, features, floors, and even commercial and hospitality environments.

First off, there are really no set rules on how you IDEAbook. Be inspired as you cultivate your unique design thought process.

Navigating the Online IDEAbook

Simply click on the navigation above or below of the image slider to jump to a new section. Once in a section you can click through the slides or allow the auto rotation take you though the inspiration. Hovering over the slide image will pause the auto rotation.

Throughout the IDEAbook, photos of actual tile installations are shown to help you visualize how the tile looks in various interior environments.

The Palette section includes a timeless color palette and which tile pieces are available in each type of glaze. The color info cards within each glaze also show traditional and creative tile layout patterns.

The Bathrooms, Kitchens, Features, and Floors sections encompass a variety of conceptual tile layouts to spark your design intent for both traditional and contemporary trends. Each tile concept is detailed for easy specification.

Begin your journey of inspiration by clicking on the navigation above or below.

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